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How Did I Get Here? I Do Not Know.

by Alumni Posts on February 25, 2011

in Extracurricular,In Saint Louis

First, let me start my second post off by proclaiming my love for rainy days. While I love the sun, there’s something absolutely calming about rain, and it makes me really happy. The only downside of today’s precipitation, though, was walking back to my dorm a few minutes ago in a skirt, tights, and my favorite boots…without an umbrella.

On another note, last night I had the opportunity of going to see the Dum Dum Girls in concert at SLU’s Billiken Club—my very first time at the venue. Even though I only have one of this girl-group’s songs in my iTunes library—“Jail La La”, which this post’s title is inspired by—I really loved the show! I’ve noticed that my iPod consists of mostly male artists, so I’m loving the fact that I’ve recently discovered some really talented leading ladies in other bands as well (like Best Coast and Sleigh Bells)!

Dirty Beaches was the first opening act. I’ve heard only one of his songs prior to last night, and then the band Minks (which I’ve never heard of before) took the stage. I didn’t expect to enjoy Dirty Beaches as much as I did, and I loved the carefree vibe of the songs performed by the Minks. I’m hoping to possibly hear more from both of these bands in the future, and I think they’re both worth looking into a little more.

The Dum Dum Girls were, in a word, awesome. I happened to love their style; they’re probably the only girls I’ve ever seen who were cool enough to pull off shorts, striped tights, and heels (To validate my point, I’d like to mention that there was a girl in the audience who decided to try out the look, and it was not working for her.). I want to go to Borders this weekend just so I can buy their CD.

Aside from the usual complaints I’ve had after the other concerts I’ve been to, most of which relate to obnoxious, dancing crowd members standing directly in front of me, this free concert was totally worth it. Next month Ra Ra Riot is coming to the Firebird, just a few days before spring break. Since they’re one of my favorite bands right now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can go…

Enjoy the rain!


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