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Where’s Gunner?!? UPDATE

by Alumni Posts on February 7, 2011

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For those of you who read my blog last week, you’ll remember that I wrote about never receiving a prize from Gunner for wearing purple on Purple Pride Day. Since Purple Pride Day was yesterday, I want to update all of you.

On Fridays, my last class ends at 11:50, so I’m usually out the door and in my car by 12:00. As I was passing the Meadow while walking out to the parking lot, I saw a big, furry individual in Fontbonne attire exiting the DSAC. Obviously, I had found Gunner. (Or had he found me???) I was so excited when the girl who walked with him pointed at me and said, “Gunner, she’s wearing purple!”

Gunner opened up his sack of goodies, and I choose a big Crunch bar. Then, he gave me a big thumbs up. I guess even Gunner reads our Fontbonne blogs. So thanks, Gunner, for being one of my loyal readers. And thanks for the Crunch bar – it was yummy!!!

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