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Fred Who?

by Alumni Posts on February 21, 2011

in Our Causes

Let me begin by stating that I do not associate myself with either political party. I strongly oppose our bipartisan form of government, believing that it creates as disharmonious “us-vs.-them” mentality. As a believer in unity aware of the divisive effects of American politics, I am politically unaffiliated, registered to no party. However, I still believe voting is an important act for a successful democracy, and I believe in bringing attention to qualified candidates.

That said, let’s talk about Fred Karger.

Fred Karger

Fred Karger is a Republican strategist, having served three other presidents. The man is smart. His “Fred Who?” campaign (as an ad major, campaigns are always interesting to me) is based on the fact that he is virtually unknown – and it’s working well, thanks to the free press coverage. Again, the man is smart. A strategist, and a talented one at that.

However, there’s one issue that’s garnering a lot of attention about Mr. Karger. It’s this:

“Since coming out several years ago, Karger has been a vocal campaigner for gay rights and a high-profile critic of organisations, especially the Mormon church, that oppose gay marriage.”

Stated plainly, Fred Karger on track to become the country’s first openly gay presidential candidate on a major ticket.

In light of the wave of publicized suicides by young gays that shocked the nation some months back, Mr. Karger comes as a beacon of hope to a group struggling with constant discrimination:

“During his trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, often speaking to gay student groups, Karger noticed that he was getting a lot of emails from young gay people saying his ambitions had helped their lives where they faced prejudice and bullying. Karger remembered feeling isolated when he was closeted for most of his life and does not want others to go through that experience. Having an openly gay man run for the presidency is vital, he believes, even if he fails.”

Be aware of this candidate. Think about what it means. Think about how you feel about him – a brilliant strategist. A white male. A Republican. An openly gay man. What do you think about for each of these labels? My thought is this: only the first one, “brilliant strategist,” should truly matter. The fact that this candidate is inspiring an otherwise oppressed group is merely a very exciting bonus.

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