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One of My Favorite Activities: Writing for the Fontbanner

by Alumni Posts on February 21, 2011

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One thing I like about Fontbonne is the student newspaper, the Fontbanner. I’ve never really blogged about it, because it’s kind of hard to incorporate it into my weekly blog topics, but this week, I think I’ll write about it because:
A) The class is one of the best parts of my week, and
B) There are a lot of things I like about the paper and I’m able to write a decently-sized blog post about it.

I joined the staff of the Fontbanner my first semester here, and because the paper was (and still is) profoundly understaffed, the professor in charge of the class let me into it without needing to see a writing sample or my resume! Sweet!

So now every Thursday afternoon, I meet with the Fontbanner staff and we plan out the newspaper and divvy up articles to write. I’ve met some good friends through the paper, and class-time is always a lot of fun. (And my fellow bloggers Carly and Brooke are on the paper, too!)

In the six months I’ve been on the paper, I’ve learned how to write in a journalistic style – apparently, it’s important to keep your sentences short so readers don’t get bored or confused by too many words. I’ve written pieces about University events, like my two articles about changes to the school website, and I’ve written fun stories like the one I’m working on now, about what people did over Winter Break.

What I like about writing for the paper is that it teaches me a lot about the school and the people that run it. One of the most difficult parts is that when I’m working on a story I don’t know much about, finding out who I need to talk to is a challenge. It’s not as bad as it was at first, though, because now that I’ve done a few articles, I’m slowly accumulating a knowledge of the various people and positions around campus, and it’s become much easier to interview strangers!

The best part is the satisfaction I get when I see the finished paper around campus and think β€œHey, I helped make that!”

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