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David Coleman: The Love Doctor

by Alumni Posts on February 11, 2011

in Extracurricular

On Thursday night, Feb. 10, Fontbonne had an event on campus sponsored by FAB and RHA. First, at 6 p.m. there was a very nice sit-down meal provided to guests who RSVPed. The DSAC Cafe area was almost unrecognizable as every table had a nice tablecloth with a fancy centerpiece and place settings. Throughout the course of the meal, there were romantic songs playing and requests were being taken.
After the wonderful dinner, entertainer David Coleman (a.k.a. the love doctor) went on stage. I have been at Fontbonne for three years now, and in my opinion, I have never seen an act who loved Fontbonne so much and who Fontbonne loved so much as well. There was a great turnout, and people just kept coming throughout the night. Even people who stopped by to get food in the DSAC with no intention of watching the act ended up staying to watch David Coleman’s interactive presentation. I have never seen so many students at an event be so fascinated and interested in a speaker. David Coleman had everyone’s attention; and when he spoke, people listened. He had half of the audience come up to him after the show wanting to talk to him or ask him questions.

Overall, the night seemed to be a huge success for both FAB and RHA, and I would like to thank both organizations for putting together such a fantastic event.

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