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What’s cooking on campus?!

by Alumni Posts on February 18, 2011

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Hello! I’m new to blogging, and a fairly new dietetics student at Fontbonne. My favorite class this semester is HES-221, Food Science Theory and Application Lab. This class is so stimulating for me because of the cooking component…and what makes cooking even more fun is that this semester’s class is the first to break the new kitchen in! That’s right a state of the art kitchen with everything at your fingertips. Oh wait…how could I forget, eating is a highlight of the class too! During this week’s laboratory experience we created recipes using grains, pasta, or legumes. I am a part of the Wednesday lab group and not to brag, but there are some fabulous cooks in this class. Everything was delicious!  At the completion of the semester we have to demonstrate a selected recipe a la Food Network style! That’s right…I’ll be on camera with swap outs and everything! Stay tuned as I make my way to culinary stardom!

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