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Big Plans for BSO

by Alumni Posts on February 25, 2011

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This past Wednesday, the Biological Sciences Organization (or BSO for short) had its first meeting of the semester. We discussed a lot of plans and new ideas for this semester over a table full of pizza and bite-sized cinnamon rolls.

I don’t want to share all of our plans in the blogosphere – some of them will be surprises! – but I do wish to tell you all the basics. In past years, the BSO has only adopted one animal per year. This year, we have decided to adopt one animal per semester. Last semester, we sponsored a bake sale in order to adopt an endangered Amur Leopard. This semester, we will have another bake sale in order to adopt another animal. We voted on an animal at the meeting; results have not been tallied yet, but it seems that the highly endangered Lowland Gorilla will be the winner.

Also on the agenda this semester are (hopefully) two field trips, one to the Butterfly House and another to the Zoo. And we should have a booth at Springfest, so be sure to look for us there.

For now, that’s all I think I should share with the blogosphere. I don’t want to disclose any “secret insiders’ info” about the BSO at this time. So, be sure to follow my blogs as the semester progresses in order to see more about the BSO!!!

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