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All-Campus Meeting

by Alumni Posts on February 3, 2011

in Campus Community

I went to my first All-Campus Meeting on Monday, before our two-and-a-half snow days. As the name implies, the whole campus community is always invited to these meetings, but I’d never been interested enough to go. I’m writing an article for the Fontbanner, however, that pertains to something one of the speakers was going to be talking about, so I thought I’d check it out.

The auditorium was packed when I tiptoed in at high noon. After I found a seat, I realized that, basically, the only attendees were faculty and staff members! Fortunately, one of my friends from the paper was there, too, so we sat together for moral support.
Once I got past my self-consciouness at being one of the few people in the room under the age of 30, I started to enjoy the meeting. It was really informative about the stuff that’s going on and coming up on campus, and I learned a lot about the way the Fontbonne budget operates and who’s in charge of various departments. I’ve got to say, it was a lot like being in a collegiate version of the teacher’s lounge – all the professors were chit-chatting about how they were hoping for a snow day!

I think students should check out an All-Campus Meeting at least once – it taught me a lot about the University – but here’s a tip:
Take a buddy.

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