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Words of Wisdom from an Unlikely Class

by Alumni Posts on January 25, 2011

in Academics

Due to the snow day, I have only had one lecture and one lab with my new General Chemistry professor, Dr. DeLaet. However, he gave us some words of wisdom during lab that I would like to share with all of you.

Dr. DeLaet passed out papers and told us to read them. This seemed seemingly impossible, for the “words” (if you could even call them that) looked like the long, lengthwise lines of a bar code. We all gave him a puzzled look, but he insisted that we would figure out the phrase if we tried hard enough.

Eventually, we figured out that we could read the words by placing the paper on the lab stand, crouching down so that our eyes were even with the stand, and then reading the overly-long words horizontally. The phrase, ironically, was “Look At It From A Different Angle.”

I thought this exercise was so cool. I know that most people cringe at the thought of chemistry and never want to be within a mile of the chem lab, but I think these words ring true for everyone as we start the new semester. They remind us that paradigms are everywhere and that we should look past those paradigms by viewing life from a different perspective. Whenever things get challenging, we should take a short breather and then try it in a different way.

Initially, I thought that Dr. DeLaet was just fooling with us. And now, despite the fact that we have only had two class periods with him, I think that he’s a silent genius.

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