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My First Snow Day

by Alumni Posts on January 27, 2011

in In Saint Louis

Getting back in the swing of things is always rough. Monday mornings come every week after a nice relaxing weekend. I can handle Mondays though. The first day of the spring semester however, is a little harder to get use to and accept. Coming from San Diego’s seventy degree winter to snow in St. Louis has been a difficult transition for me. A transition that has been met with layers of warm clothes and never-long-enough warm showers.

The first week of class began on a Tuesday, leaving a brief 4 day week. It was going to be a easy week of syllabus reading and book buying. I do not have class on Friday so I was looking at a 3 day week to start the semester off. I didn’t think it could get any easier, but it did. A big snow storm Wednesday night decided Thursday’s fate. Snow Day. This was the first snow day I had ever experienced. Boy was it great. Sleeping in, sledding down, and relaxing around. I had fire weeks and earthquake scares growing up, but never a snow day. St. Louis weather really stepped it up during this storm, dumping over 5 inches of snow. It was the most snow I had ever seen at Fontbonne, turning campus into a winter wonderland. My make shift snow boots and pants might have made me an amateur, but I conquered the slopes like a great Snow Day King. My rein was short lived.

The roads were cleared, school continued on, and the snow is now beginning to melt. However, the memory it has left will live on. A memory of sledding down every hill I could find, throwing snowballs at my girlfriend, and making a sled ramp with my roommates. Thank you St. Louis for completing my childhood.

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