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Dude – Gum Is Good!!!

by Alumni Posts on December 7, 2010

in Academics

Yesterday was my last day of Dr. Andreoff’s Biology 112 course. I’m really going to miss it. Dr. A was an awesome teacher – he always inserted jokes, funny YouTube videos, and cartoons into our lectures. I really looked forward to going to that class.

What’s more, the labs were always amazing. I was in the 8 a.m. lab, but Dr. A always made it worth getting up early for. There were only five people including me in the lab, so we got to know each other and Dr. A really well. I’ll never forget the time when my lab partner, Katie, dropped one of the glass microscopes slides and then immediately yelled “LAB SAFETY!” at the top of her lungs as the slide and its contents broke and dispersed all over the floor. I’ll also never forget our crime scene investigation lab. Jonothan, Andre, and I were a lab team, and we thought that we were supposed to add 20 microliters of allele ladder to each of our DNA samples. We couldn’t figure out how we were supposed to add a total of 80 microliters to the samples when there were barely 20 microliters in the entire container.  We told Dr. A that we needed more allele ladder, and he kept giving it to us until he realized that we were doing something wrong. The three of us laughed when Dr. A told us that were not supposed to add the allele ladder to each of the samples; we were just supposed to use the allele ladder as a reference marker on the agarose gel during electrophoresis. (Needless to say, we had to pretty much trash our samples and borrow the other team’s samples during that experiment!)

But I think the most memorable moment from Bio 112 was when we were all sitting there waiting to check the results of an experiment. Since we had so long to wait before we checked on our samples, we were talking about the most random things. For some reason, we started talking about gum. I said that I had only had two pieces of gum in my entire life; everyone was astounded, but then we all pursued another topic. Five minutes later, Andre, our straight-from-sunny-California classmate, sat up tall and said in his laid-back Californian tone, “Dude – gum is good!” We just about died laughing.

So, it’s pretty obvious that I’ll really miss Bio 112. Dr. A was an amazing professor, and my classmates from lab were so fun to work with. We definitely had our fair share of stress, confusion, and small – yet funny – lab moments, but overall this class was great. Now it’s off to Bio 114…

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