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Oh, What a Week…

by Alumni Posts on November 8, 2010

in Academics

This was a pretty stressful week for everyone on campus: Advising Week, when students have to put together their schedules for the spring semester with their advisors. It sounds like picking out classes would be easy; after all, there are lots of fun classes in the Course Catalog I’d enjoy taking: Stagecraft, French lessons through Washington University, and there’s even a METALSMITHING class I’d love to be in!

However, these classes aren’t applicable to computer science or my other academic goals, like getting a minor in History, and in order to pick out my classes wisely, I had to look at what I’ve taken and what classes I need to be in to make progress on my degree. I also had to consider when the classes I need are offered – some courses are only offered in the fall semester or the spring semester, and others are offered alternating years. Plus, as if all this isn’t complicated enough, I need to take certain classes like Discrete Mathematics before I can take more computer science classes. Looking at all the courses I still need to take and trying to figure out when I need them by overwhelmed me, and I spent a couple of days struggling to decide which courses to choose.

I finally made some progress when I realized I had only 30 minutes until my appointment with my advisor, and that I really needed to get down to business and put some classes on my list. With 10 minutes to go, I got a tentative schedule all laid out and I went to see my advisor. She looked at what I’ve taken so far and what I need to take yet, and she suggested that I add a math class, Modeling, to my schedule so I can have more opportunities for other classes later. I’ll be taking 18 hours in the Spring semester, and it seems like I’ll be in some interesting classes: Calculus III, Modeling, America Abroad, and Computer Programming II. I’m sure these classes will give me many challenges, but I think I’ll enjoy them. As for now, I’m just glad Advising Week is over!

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