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The last week of classes for 2010

by Alumni Posts on November 30, 2010

in Academics,Campus Community

I’ve been thinking (a fine past time, really): we’re dangerously close to 2011 – it’ll be here in almost a month! Where on Earth did November go, much less this entire year? Poor 2010. It’s such a fun year to say. It rings of excitement. And yet, it’s already come and gone, with – at least, in my mind – very little to say for itself in the grand scheme of things. What will 2011 bring? Graduation for many of my older friends come May, for certain… and for myself, well, I’ll be graduating in about a year from now! (Which terrifies me, but that’s something for a different blog post.)

But enough about the future. Let’s think now. This is the last full week of classes, and with little hesitation I say “thanks be to God.” Looking back now, I’m caught up in the paradox that I think many students face at the end of the semester. On the one hand, this semester has seemed eternal. It as if these classes have been the entirety of our college careers (which I guess it has been for Freshman…) and it’s fortunate that the long battle is final over. On the other hand, this semester has passed in the blink of an eye! Wasn’t it yesterday that we first received our syllabi for our classes, and situated ourselves in new classrooms?

Wait, that was a terrible job of thinking about now. Let’s try again. So, this is the last full week of classes. That means it’s kind of a panicky time. Final papers and presentations will dominate the week, sapping away from hours spent enjoying life conscious or otherwise (read: partying or sleeping). Realistically, the fate of the semester has already been decided. We most all know where we stand with our grades and how we’ve performed in our classes over the last 15 weeks. And yet, we still feel as though this is the week that makes or breaks our GPAs.

Stay tuned and hang in there. Next week I’ll tell you all about how this beast of a week went as I prepare for final exams and for my return home!

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