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Winter Weather

by Alumni Posts on November 16, 2010

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Well folks, I think the Fall is now among us. We have been enjoying glorious weather — 70’s in November — but now comes the time that we need to start bundling up and taking care of ourselves. Like your mom would tell you if you were home, “Put your coat on, be sure to get your gloves and don’t forget your scarf.” I know you like the ease of sliding into a great pair of flip flops but do try to put on socks and shoes that cover your feet. I don’t want you to catch cold because unlike when you’re at home with mom there’s no one who will be able to cater to your every whimper if you get sick. No hot tea from mom while she wipes your head with a cool towel. You will have to take care of yourself so it’s best to start now by trying to avoid getting sick altogether — in part by dressing appropriately.

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