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A Stroll to School

by Alumni Posts on November 8, 2010

in In Saint Louis

Fall, from a very logical point of view, is when the Earth’s tilted axis becomes most evident. We are beginning to move further away from the sun, while all those Australians get ready for summer! I have thought of equator hopping every fall and spring, to live in summer year round. Unfortunately, my schedule does not allow for that much traveling, so I have learned to enjoy the colder temperatures and darker days. And with day light savings time, the sun is going to set set at an even earlier time! Sure it is going to rise an hour earlier too, but who gets up before ten anymore? I know I sure don’t. Anyway, for me fall is an unfamiliar season. Living in Southern California for the first 17 years of my life, I had never jumped into any piles of leaves. I attempted to do this my freshman year, but it did not work too well and my hours of raking resulted in a poor attempt to be cushioned by the fallen leaves.

My approach on this year’s fall is different. I have decided to walk to school at least three days out of the week to exercise and enjoy the beauty that Big Bend has to offer. I know it might seem silly to think that a road can be beautiful. Especially with the continuous flow of traffic and the polluted air of honks and hollering from road raged drivers, but there is something about walking to and from school that I have found appealing. I make the same walk every day, but I still seem to notice new things. The walk also seems to exercise my mind as much as my legs. The time spent walking to and from school is used as a transition period from my life at home and my life at school. In this time I think about the big picture of my life and the path I have chosen. I chose to play lacrosse in the Midwest, while most of my friends stay in California and attend  big public universities. I chose to walk to school, while everyone else seems to drive. The list of my life choices goes on, but they all lead to one future. So as the leaves continue to fall, the trees become bare and the snowy winter days creep towards Big Bend, I will be bundling up, putting on a beanie, and continue to walk to school. Sometimes the simple things in life, like walking to school, can be the most enjoyable.

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