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The Mighty Research Paper

by Alumni Posts on November 1, 2010

in Academics


I don’t know of any other 2-word terms that can frighten, bewilder, or just plain confuse so many people.

Whenever you think of a research paper, you usually think of one or more of the following: boring, too much work, too little time, too scholarly, too long, too much.

Yes, I agree that research papers require a lot of concentration, time, and, well, research. However, I would like to write about the chemistry paper that I’ve done in order show my appreciation to Dr. Thomasson of the science department, Ms. Peggy Muldoon of the Kinkel Center, and to all of the librarians who helped me along the way.

Because General Chemistry is a gen ed course, we have to write a research paper. Yes, I know that this sounds boring, but I actually really enjoyed it. In my class, we had to choose one chapter from our textbook and then focus on one idea from that chapter. I chose chapter 2, titled “Compounds,” so that way I could focus on the compound carbon dioxide and its effects on the environment.

After I chose my topic, I went to the library and checked out five chemistry books; the librarian laughed when she saw that I was checking out a book called “The Joy of Chemistry.” (Okay, I’ll admit it, I do tend to think of chemistry as a joyful subject. Just don’t go around sharing that with everyone!)

Whenever I had a question about the format of the paper, I could ask any of the librarians, and they were happy to help me. Whenever I had a question about Dr. Thomasson’s specific requirements, I either emailed him or talked to him in person. And, thanks to Ms. Peggy Muldoon, the writing specialist in the Kinkel Center, my grammatical errors were found and edited.

So, in the end, writing my research paper wasn’t so bad after all. I’m glad that I was able to have had the experience of writing a formal paper for Fontbonne. Now it’s on to my Theatre Appreciation research paper…

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