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I love advising week.

by Alumni Posts on November 1, 2010

in Academics,New & Future Students

I’ve definitely written about this before, but that was months ago, so I feel at liberty to write about this again!

Next week is advising week – and I LOVE advising week. There’s so much about it that I enjoy. First, it’s a huge reminder that the semester is coming to a close, and I couldn’t be happier about that! It’s great to know that I’ll be able to wrap up another semester and move one step closer to graduation.

Second, I really enjoy planning my life out. I do this every time advising week comes around – I sit down with a course schedule and my curricula, and figure out what courses I’ll need to take and when I’ll need to take them. Since I’m graduating a semester early, it’s important that I plan this kind of stuff out carefully, especially since I only have two more semesters after this one!

The key to advising is taking your life into your own hands. My advisor, in my first semester, told me that it was my responsibility to get a course guide, look at my curriculum guide, and figure out what courses I needed and what questions I had. Her goal was to only need to sign off on my course selection, and not have to hold my hand through the process. I can’t thank her enough for that. Because of the self-direction she taught me, I was able to pick up a second major and a minor, and still plan on graduating a semester early!

Moral(s) of the story: planning is invaluable, self-direction is invaluable, and advising week is great!

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