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Fontbonne is My Kind of College

by Alumni Posts on November 8, 2010

in Campus Community

I recently took a trip to Indiana for my first Big Ten college visit. The experience was completely new and I was awe struck by the magnitude of the campus at first; it felt a little like seeing a big city for the first time. Their Student Union alone was larger than every building put together on Fontbonne’s campus and included a large theater, dining hall, and even rooms for guests visiting the campus. Needless to say, I was completely blown away, and I was especially enjoying something that I could just not experience at Fontbonne: football. Never having actually been to a college football game, I was extremely intrigued by the supporting fans that ranged in the thirty thousands, tailgating, and the excitement of the game.

However, after sometime visiting the university, I realized what they don’t have at a big school: a close-knit community. Here at Fontbonne, I am pretty confident that I will know atleast one person in class or at an event, participate in a highly competitive athletic program, am able to get to know professors, and don’t have to shove out $35 to watch a school basketball, soccer or lacrosse game. In short, as I am approaching my final semester at Fontbonne, I know that this college is prefect for me.

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