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It’s Crunch Time!!!!

by Alumni Posts on November 30, 2010

in Academics,Campus Community,Organizations, Activities & Events

Just like most students right now, I have a ton of things on my mind. Final exam week is coming up and I’m freaking out about all the exams I have to study for, not to mention the final projects I still have to complete in some of my classes. It’s pretty much make it or break it time. There’s so much that could go wrong during these last days of school, so I’m getting anxious. Thanksgiving Break didn’t nearly seem to be enough of a break for anyone. However, Winter Break is within reach! It’s so close, yet so far away!

This week started out with a rainy Monday, which usually isn’t the most uplifting atmosphere for students to start a week, but I seemed to make it through the day alright. A couple of the RAs (Resident Assistants) on campus had a “How To Make A Toga” program today, which was a fun way to get students excited about the “Toga Rave” that is happening on Friday Night on the first floor of Medaille Hall. I’m pretty excited about it. Just look at some of the fun things happening at the event:

* Dancing
* Glow sticks
* Black lights
* Food
* Prizes
* Olympic Challenges

So that’s something to look forward to at the end of the week. As for the middle of the week, there are home basketball games on Wednesday and we’re getting everyone to go and wear all purple to have a “Purple Out” to support the teams. As a part of Griffin Girls, the University’s Dance Team, this year, we should be performing at the half time of the Men’s game on Wednesday. Overall, it should be a fun time.

Oh! And if there’s anything I’m looking forward to after this school week, it’s Christmas Around Campus on Sunday Dec. 5, which I’ll probably talk about in my next blog!

Anyway, I have to go and freak out about school!

Peace, Love, and Togas!

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