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Conversations with My Community

by Alumni Posts on November 1, 2010

in Campus Community

One thing I really love about Fontbonne is how easy it is to embed yourself in the community. I’ve been very fortunate in my experiences at this school and have gotten a lot of opportunities that I may not have at a larger school. With all these experiences has come the possibility of making friends and building a pretty strong community. I would say that I have a diverse group of people that I “fit it” with and that’s something that I really enjoy. I am on the Fontbanner staff this semester, I am a member of Campus Ministry, I sing in the choir, and I live on campus. That’s so many opportunities for me to meet people and make friends!

I think this past week has really shown me how much I am part of the Fontbonne community. I was sick at the beginning of the week and because one of my roommates works in Student Affairs, someone in that particular office sent me an email and mentioned that she hoped I was feeling better. Another student gave my roommate some medicine for me to take, which has really helped me sleep this past week.

I’ve also had some completely spontaneous conversations this week. My neighbors from down the hall consider me their fifth roommate, and I had two great conversations with one of them in the last two days. We talked about relationships, friends, school, Halloween, etc. I also had a conversation with a girl who lived on my floor from last year. We’re friends, but we have never really hung out that much. I was originally interviewing her for the Fontbanner, but I found myself in her room talking about our views on friends, boyfriends, marriage, families, and plenty of other topics. I am just glad that these types of conversations are possible on this campus. I’m sure they happen in other places, but I just don’t think I could have the same experience of being close to so many people at any other school. While this may not be everyone’s view, it is something I realize how much I appreciate as the Thanksgiving season approaches.

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