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A Commuter’s Weekend On Campus

by Alumni Posts on November 29, 2010

in Extracurricular

Last week, I basically spent my whole weekend on campus, even though I’m a commuter!

On Friday, I went to the FAB Fall Dance, which was held at the Renaissance Hotel, near the airport. Since I had a class on Friday afternoon that got out late in the afternoon, I decided it would be easier to stay on campus before going to the dance than to go home, only to return to Fontbonne to get on the bus that would take us to the Renaissance. So, during the day, I stashed my dress and everything in a friend’s dorm room (after asking her if it was okay, of course!), and after class, got ready for the dance with the dorm kids. The dance was held at the Renaissance Hotel near the airport, and we took buses to and from campus to get there and back. It was a really snazzy place to have the dance, with shiny revolving doors and fancy elevators with mirrors for the floor, ceiling, and walls! The music and food were great, and I had an awesome time with my friends!

Saturday afternoon, I was back on campus when I attended a music practice for the recording of the Fontbonne choir’s Christmas CD that’s being made this year. We sang songs like “Silent Night” with verses in English and (partially-butchered) Spanish, “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” and “We Three Kings.”

By Sunday, I was once again in the Fontbonne chapel to do the actual recording of the CD. It took about four hours, and then, as if we hadn’t had enough singing for the weekend, the choir had to get ready for Sunday-evening Mass!
Although I returned home tired everynight, it was a really fun weekend! And from what I’ve heard of the CD, it’s going to sound really great! I’d say Mission: Awesome Weekend is complete!

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