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by Alumni Posts on November 16, 2010

in Campus Community

I have my ups and downs with Fontbonne, from time to time. I mean, it’s school – I’ll inevitably become annoyed from time to time with this institution. Plus, no University is ever perfect… But, Fontbonne definitely has its benefits.

I wasn’t even aware of one of the benefits I enjoyed here at Fontbonne until just recently, when someone else pointed this out to me. I was walking back with a friend from the dining hall to my dorm room, and along the way, we passed five or six groups of people. I said “Hi” to every single one of them, because I actually knew every single one of them. My friend seemed impressed – “Jeeze Cohen, is there anyone you don’t know?”

Before then, I hadn’t realized how comfortable I am in knowing the majority of the community around this campus. I regularly see people I know and can talk to. In fact, I feel weird if I don’t recognize someone!

That’s Fontbonne life. That’s a small school for you. Some people like the big school sensation, where you can go between classes and no one ever knows your name if you don’t make an effort. That’s not for me. Me? I’m all in favor of community.

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