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Theatre and Science (aka my life passions)

by Alumni Posts on October 22, 2010

in Academics,Extracurricular

This week, I have been able to fully engage in the things that I enjoy most in life, theatre and science.

Even though I do not plan on majoring in theatre, I have become a member of the production crew for student-produced Fontbonne Theatre as well as the professional Mustard Seed Theatre, which utilizes the Fontbonne blackbox theater. I helped to clean the stage area, set up the house for the next performance (“The Chosen”), and paint. I’m having a great time with Fontbonne Theatre; everyone is so nice, and everyone, regardless of major, is allowed to participate.

This week, we did some great experiments in biology and chemistry. In biology, we used compound light microscopes to look at cells at different stages of division, and in chemistry we used a calorimeter to illustrate Hess’s Law. What I enjoy is the small size of the labs; the professors are able to speak one-on-one with each student individually whenever help is needed.

As the weeks go on, I just continue loving Fontbonne more and more!

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