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Mysterious Scholarship Plays in My Favor

by Alumni Posts on October 20, 2010

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I was extremely late turning in my financial aid this year. I would recommend to all college students to never procrastinate with financial aid. Take my advice from my own experience and file it asap after January! The sooner the better.

After classes began, I was getting several phone calls and e-mails from the business office about all this money I owed for my tuition. I had to pay an out of pocket fee just to hold my classes until October because I didn’t turn in my final financial aid paperwork until mid-September.

When my financial aid was finalized, I still had a big gap that I needed to fill. Again, the business office was warning me that if I didn’t pay for my tuition, I would get taken out of my classes. I spent the next 48 hours applying for loans at every website I could find, but I had more technical difficulty errors than being denied (since I didn’t have a co-signer).

Halfway into the semester, I found a miracle laying on top of my coffee table. It was mail from Fontbonne University. I ripped it open and could immediately see it was about my tuition. I couldn’t bare to read another warning letter, but fortunately the first word I read was: “CONGRATULATIONS!”

It is truly a blessing!!! I received an additional scholarship that covered more than what I needed! A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t know where the scholarship came from and couldn’t find information on what it was for, but I am so grateful to have received it. 🙂 Nevertheless, I have learned my lesson!

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