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Mid-term already?!

by Alumni Posts on October 7, 2010

in Academics

I’ll be frank with you: this has been a rough semester so far. Now that I’m into my junior year, my classes are all notably harder with exceptions far and few in between. Ultimately, I know it’s good that these classes are difficult – it means I’m being challenged to think harder and that I’m learning new material! I know that when I graduate, I’ll be thankful for all of this – but I haven’t graduated yet, so for the moment, it’s tough!

On the bright side of this, it’s already mid-term! Or, it was on the 11th, depending on when you read this. That means half of this semester has already gone by, which is unbelievable. While it’s nice to think that yes, time is still moving forward no matter how much school work bogs me down, it also means that we’re approaching crunch time. Midterms are occurring over the next two weeks, papers are being turned in… and in my case, I’m starting an 8-week course. The 8-week courses are great ways to get credit fast for lower-level courses. In my case, I’m taking SOC115: Social Problems. It should be an enjoyable course, and taking it in 8 weeks instead of 16 has really made these first 8 weeks that much easier for me!

But, wow… it’s really hard to believe that we’re half-way through the fall semester already. Before I know it, we’ll have snow on the ground and finals will be creeping up! I’m excited to keep moving ahead, and eager to see how the remainder of the semester plays out!

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