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So, it’s the middle of October and Metanoia retreat is just around the corner.  I’ve put a lot more work into Metanoia than I did last year, as I am on the core team this year. I’m excited for the weekend, but apprehensive about my role. I went shopping with my fellow Hospitality Director yesterday, and she voiced concern over how much we will get to be a part of the retreat. I’ve thought about it as well.  The one thing about being involved in activities on campus is that sometimes you don’t get to be a spectator. Of course, that only makes sense! I guess I’ll just have to wait for the weekend to see how it goes. Most of the time, the rewards of being involved with planning an event come from the response of the participants. So far, we have a good group of retreatants, so I think the whole experience will be rewarding in itself. Also, I’ve gained so much by being part planning the retreat. The team has worked so well together for the past six weeks or so. Even though I knew some of the people going into the planning, I’ve gotten to know a lot of new people, too. In a lot of cases, I would have never met some of my fellow team members unless I had applied to be on the team. That’s the key to success on campus, you have to realize what you’ll gain when you go into something, even if you’re giving up the experience from a different angle.

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