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Enthusiasm On Campus

by Alumni Posts on October 15, 2010

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As a resident of Fontbonne, I get to do some things that commuters probably don’t. A few weeks ago there was a sign posted on my apartment door   about a door-decorating contest. My roommates and I have been really busy lately (an indicator of that being the amount of dishes in the sink) so we didn’t do anything about the door for a while. On Friday morning/early afternoon, I came into the room after seeing our R.A., who encouraged me to decorate our door. I had actually been thinking about it for a while, so I was up for the challenge. My idea was to tape paper to the door so it looked kind of like a mosaic. Two of my roommates were in the room with me at the time, and they thought it would be a cool idea, too. I told them they didn’t have to help if they didn’t want to, considering it was my harebrained scheme. Luckily, my roommate Lauren has a lot of construction paper on hand, so I set to work immediately.
Working on and off, the door took me about two days to do. Lauren helped me with rolling tape and then later finishing the door. Cece, our neighbor to the left of the hallway, also helped with the finishing touches. We used our favorite quotes and added pictures and name tags. We also included a little picture about something that was our favorite. Lauren chose a picture representing the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the religious order she has decided to enter to become a sister. Kelly wanted some sort of dessert to be her picture, as she has a major sweet tooth. I chose an image representing my favorite band, and we chose a picture of Cinderella for our roommate Tina, who wasn’t here at the time (don’t worry, that’s probably what she would have chosen if she was here). After two days, a lot of tape, and a lot of tedious hours, the door is finally finished!

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