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An Appetite for Fame

by Alumni Posts on October 18, 2010

in Campus Community

I have decided that taking psychology classes for five or more years, just to listen to people complain to me about their problems, is not the life for me. I was born to be on the big screen. Ok, maybe that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever said, but I am an extra in Fontbonne’s commercial that will be airing in November. Sorry movie goers, no romantic kissing or action packed car chase scenes. Just me playing catch with the new face of Fontbonne Lacrosse, Connor Saucier, who just happens to be my roommate. I was also shot walking away from the camera on the 3rd floor of East and chatting it up with other students on the lawn in front of the library, real exciting stuff.

The whole film production team impressed me in ways I never thought they would. Before filming this commercial I saw advertising as public manipulation an altercation of truth towards corrupt individual persuasion. Now I see it a film production as truly a team endeavor. They were all extremely friendly and seemed to enjoy their job. I wonder what they had for breakfast. Anyways,  I can not wait to see the finished project and see if the camera really does add ten pounds.

Speaking of ten pounds, I am extremely hungry and have found that living off campus makes it more difficult to eat once I am on campus. I attempt to bring a “lunch” to school, but the peanut butter and jelly  approach just has not be cutting it for me, especially on the days I am here from early morning till late afternoon and I have to walk here! Wish my mom still packed my lunch — oh, well. Thanksgiving is only six weeks exactly away from today! Hooray for the Pilgrims. Home cooking here I come!

Have a good day Fontbonne!

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