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About 30 days until Thanksgiving!

by Alumni Posts on October 25, 2010

in Extracurricular,Faith,Organizations, Activities & Events

I just finished with the Metanoia retreat today, and I have to say it was a fantastic weekend! I felt like I did get to know some of those attending the retreat, despite my earlier apprehensions. Even though I didn’t get a lot of one on one time with many people, I did try to ask people how they were feeling about the whole experience. No one gave me a negative answer! I hope that everyone who attended felt like they were welcomed and that their environment was safe. The thing that I like about the retreat is the fact that the whole experience is promoted as meeting people where they are in their faith. I like this aspect because I wouldn’t say I am devout in my own faith and spirituality. I think the experience of working on the team, especially the core team, has brought me closer with God, but I can’t say that I’m quite devout yet.

Many other things are going on around campus as well. The next few weeks are pretty packed for me. This coming week I am hoping to either go to the “Theology on Tap” at Schlafly Taproom or the comedy night here at Fontbonne. Next weekend I’m hoping to get back into the habit of singing at choir for Sunday night Mass in the chapel. Oh, and it’s Halloween! I’m excited because I have plans with some of my friends who live next door. We’re staying in, but that’s just fine by me. The week after Halloween I am teaching a freshman class here at Fontbonne that I’ve been observing all semester. I’m really nervous, so wish me luck! Dance Marathon is just around the corner as well, and then it’s time for the Fall Dance. I’m so excited for everything to come, but the thing I’m most excited about is Thanksgiving break. I’m so ready to just hang out with my family for a while and gorge myself on Thanksgiving turkey, only to regret it a few days later of course.

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