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Winding Down

by Alumni Posts on May 14, 2010

in Academics,Campus Community

Most everyone has some sense of what college is supposed to be like. We learn it from stories from our parents or our older siblings and friends; we see what it’s supposed to be like in movies and TV shows… Well, one of the things you suspect one way or another is an extremely stressful end of semester as final projects are due. Specifically, everyone gets crazy around the dreaded “Finals Week,” where we prepare to defend our grades from final exams and final papers.

The thing is, I totally relax during finals week. I mean, I get downright chill. I’m convinced I must be doing some part of college incorrectly, because I just don’t understand what all the fuss is all about! Maybe it’s just that I’m on top of my game. See, by finals week, I’ve already finished all my final papers and assignments that I’ve been stressing out about. And this year, I’ve only got one final exam… and I’m doing so well in that class currently that I’d have to get a 0 on the exam to hurt my grade—and even then, I think I might still have an A (I mean, I’m doing really well!)

So, finals week is not next week, but the week following—meaning all final assignments should be due next/this week (depending on how you look at it). Meanwhile, I spent the past week stressing myself out to finish up all those final assignments… So now I get to just cool off and wind down. This semester is basically over! Can you believe it? I’m thrilled! It’s been long and… crazy, to say in the least, but it’s been wonderful all the same. See you in the Fall, Fontbonne!

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