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Spirit Week was absolutely awesome this year. I felt that the week brought several students together through the various events that were happening around campus. I had a great time playing water balloon volleyball against some of my friends in the meadow. I also enjoyed the limbo competition as well as going to the women’s softball games during the week. The week had a great atmosphere of excitement and unity. On Friday, Springfest ran very smoothly even though it was moved to the gymnasium due to rain.

Everyone made the most of Springfest in the gym with all of the countless enjoyable activities. There was a dancing area, inflatable bowling, Hawaiian punch pong, ground canoeing, and much, much more. I worked at the Biological Sciences Organization booth during the event. We had a contest in which students would have to toss a penny into a cup in order to win a goldfish. There were numerous winners who left happily with their new pets.

On Friday night, Mr. Fontbonne was held as an event in the DSAC Caf’. TJ Eggleston, Chris Luckett, and I competed for first place, displaying our gifts of spirit, talent, hoola-hooping, and knowledge of Fontbonne University. In a hard-fought competition, I was voted as Mr. Fontbonne. It was quite an honor. The other two contestants were wonderful and had me laughing the majority of the night with their acts. Overall, the week was fun, united us as students, and gave us time to recognize the importance of our school.

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