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Spring Events

by Alumni Posts on April 21, 2010

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Many exciting things have been happening here at Fontbonne. Two of my favorite have been the theatre production of Fortinbras and the diversity event put on by SEBA called Mocha Chi. First, Fortibras was absolutely hilarious as all of the characters did a wonderful job of developing such a variety of personas. There were several wonderful lines and moments in the play that really made me laugh. The one that was especially hilarious was when Fortinbras, played by Phil Bettison, engages in a monologue and says that he believes the castle has made him start talking to himself. Ryan Cooper perfected the role of the dead King Claudius through his expressions and words. The play was completely comical and entertaining.

Mocha Chi was also a magnificent event. It featured the St. Louis Spoken Word poets and five of the poets presented. They recited poetry based on minorites, the beauty of diversity, and the power of being black. A few students also shared their work. Andrea Bailey, a friend of mine fro SEBA, recited a poem she wrote about wondering why God made her black. The poem knocked my socks off and gave me chills. It was the most powerful performance in my opinion and once again showed me the beauty of the black culture and diversity in general. The food was tremendous as well just like last year, and I enjoyed the event with a few of my friends. Mocha Chi has been excellent for the two years that I have been here at Fontbonne.

In the past few weeks, Fontbonne organizations have done an extraordinary job of putting on exciting events and learning opportunities. I have seen people come together from different walks of life. The weather has been fabulous and I have enjoyed engaging in many outdoor activities. The spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings and it seems like the students believe in this concept. Everyone just seems to be happier and more fulfilled these days.

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