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Scheduling the Future

by Alumni Posts on April 6, 2010

in Academics,Campus Community

Advising week is approaching. How do I know? Aside from the obvious notification in our student planners, I can tell because the Fall 2010 course guides have begun to circulate. Like heralding angels before Christ’s birth or fleeing animals before the hunter—depending on how you want to look at it—they have flooded into Ryan hall. I snagged my copy as soon as I had heard they were out and quickly poured into the newspaper-esque pages, identifying which classes I would want or need for next year and hashing out a potential schedule.

I love advising week. It delights me. After being in the same classes for some ten weeks, the promise of a new, different future that I can control is nothing short of exhilarating! Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy my classes now, as much as one can enjoy a perpetual flow of work! But all the same, planning out what my next step will be is so satisfying. What can I say? I love the sense of control!

When I was a freshman, figuring out my courses required identifying what gen eds (general education requirement courses) I wanted to take care of and deciding on which section of the class to sign up for, since there were multiple sections. Now that I’ve conquered the majority of my gen eds, I’m left only with higher-level, specialized courses in a variety of fields. So, unfortunately, it’s become less of a building block game where I casually pick my pieces, and more of a careful, delicate art where I try to guess what courses will fit around each other and what courses will be offered next semester, so I can avoid conflicts. It’s demanding—but satisfying, like completing any logic puzzle or Sudoku challenge.

Looks like next semester, I’ll balancing my two majors evenly: Copywriting and Persuasion for Advertising, and Statistics for Behavioral Sciences and Social Problems for Applied Sociology, with Diversity and Social Justice satisfying a requirement for both. All in all, that’s only 15 hours, which is average. I could’ve put off Diversity and Social Justice until next semester, but frankly, with only 12 hours I’d get bored and restless!

Registration isn’t for another week or three, but I’m ready! What have you done to plan your future?

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