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Major Decisions

by Alumni Posts on April 21, 2010

in Academics,Career Paths,New & Future Students

I’m a double major at Fontbonne. Primarily, I identify as one of the small handful of Advertising majors on Fontbonne’s campus. However, I’m also one of the even smaller handful of Applied Sociology majors. Please, allow me to talk about both.

I was fairly uncertain of where I wanted to go in high school. Ultimately, I had two main careers in mind. The first was the life of the advertiser, a dream inspired by Erin Dwyer, the mother of a friend I grew up with as well as someone I’ll have the pleasure of working with over this summer through an internship. The second was the life of the electrical engineer, inspired by my dad’s engineering and my own fascination with electricity in general. Fortunately, my high school (Penfield High in Rochester, NY) offered a variety of classes that allowed me to explore both. I can’t remember the exact names of either, but essentially one was on constructing basic electric set-ups, from housing wiring to circuit-board soldering. The other was a basic advertising design class, which allowed me to explore creative avenues through various mediums. While I really enjoyed both classes, I ultimately realized that advertising was where I was more comfortable. (Doing horribly in calculus also suggested that engineering was NOT the way to go…) With advertising in mind, it didn’t take too long to find Fontbonne and its unique interdisciplinary advertising program.

However, senior year of high school, I also took an intro to Sociology course. I fell in love. Alas, I knew this love could not grow; I didn’t think sociologists could make any money ever, and so I gave up the idea of changing majors. Then, I came to Fontbonne. I discovered “Applied Sociology”—Sociology that focuses on using sociological theory instead of developing it, so that sociologists can enter the workforce outside of academia. Incredible! I met with my advisor and discovered that picking up this second major would also require no extra credit hours; several requirements for both applied sociology and advertising overlapped, and the rest simply fulfilled elective requirements!

I couldn’t be happier. As an advertiser-to-be (with any luck), I see a lot of value in being able to market myself as a double major; my understanding of others and my skills learned through applied sociology will complement and strengthen my abilities as an advertiser.

I was fortunate enough to know what I wanted to do. Not everyone comes into college with a career in mind. Well—what’s your destination?

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