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This month has started off with a serious bang! Where to begin…?

Last week was cut short by Easter break, which freed students from classes Thursday and Friday. Many went home to spend time with their families, but I stayed to play Tennis against Principia on Friday night and then Webster on Saturday morning. The weather was absolutely beautiful over the break, so I spent as much time outside as possible. I paid for my time in sunburns, leaving me a fun, red-ish color, but it was totally worth it! Everything is beautiful around here—all the trees on campus have bloomed into white and pink blossoms, and the grass is returning to a healthy, vibrant green. Taking the time to enjoy both Fontbonne and the oh-so-close Forest Park was totally worth the sunburns!

Now that Easter break is gone, there are five—count ‘em, five!—weeks of class left before exams. (I’m itching to get to summer. Can you tell?) I just recently learned that I’ll be in an advertising internship program this summer back home in Rochester, NY. The firm is called Partners + Napier, and I absolutely love the work they do—so I’m excited for this internship! Plus, it’s a really hands-on internship, where you do real work instead of playing gopher.

Now, it’s also advising week this week! I met with my advisor today and we discussed the possibility of receiving credit for this internship. I’ve also been looking into a lot of other options, like how I could possibly move my classes around each semester and so on. I made a stunning realization: in spite of my double major, I could graduate a semester early! My advisor seemed on board with this plan, so it looks like my new date of graduation will be in December of 2011! This is wholly awesome. It’ll put me in the job market a good 6 months earlier than all the other advertising graduates, which I think will be enormously helpful! But, we’ll see what the future really holds. First—I’ve got to get through these five weeks!

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