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Religion, Really??

by Alumni Posts on March 12, 2010

in Academics

I would have to say that my favorite professor would have to be Stephen Stopke. He is a religion teacher and he teaches a very wide range of religion. I am not a big fan on religion class just because I have taken them for 12 years straight and I have been in catholic schools all my life. But it was my sophomore year, and I was signed up for World Religions, I thought that this class was going to be the toughest out of all my class, little did I know, this was going to be my favorite classes.

It was my first day and he had a bag filled with papers and I thought I was done for. But as the semester went on, I started to really like this class. He was challenge us everyday about new religions that we have never heard of, and on top of that he would never tell us what his religion was. We would guess everyday and he would never tell us. He always brought something in for each religion to demonstrate to us. He was a very straight forward guy and had a great amount of enthusiasm about coming to class, which made it enjoyable for us. Stephen Stopke, best teacher at Fontbonne.


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