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Moving Fast

by Alumni Posts on March 3, 2010

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I don’t know how to begin describing my deep gratitude for how rapidly this semester is progressing. Or, perhaps I’m mildly deluded, and in actuality I am merely under the illusion that this semester is moving fast while it actually drags its feet. Let’s consider the evidence.

We haven’t reached that glorious 8-week mark, the mid-term flag. I suppose, then, we can’t really be that far along. And I just had my first round of tests in my classes—at least, for the classes that actually include tests in the curricula. And tennis practice just started, with our first game still in the distance. And it’s still February! Perhaps I really am delusional?

Yet I can’t shake the feeling that time is flying by. Each week zips past me, and before I know it, it’s come and gone. We’ve stormed into February and we’ll soon be on the other side of it; one more week and then we’re into March. But then, two weeks through March until Spring break! Right now, I’m looking at a trip to Florida… It’d be difficult to say no to that. March will be practically over after that, and the beginning of April is stunted by Easter break. April may drag on, but exams hit the second week of May, and then it’s over. Put that way, it seems like this semester will be gone in the blink of an eye!

Oh, but I suppose that talking about how short this semester will be is evidence that it’s gone on far too long already… I mean, so much has already happened! Between dramatic events on campus and exciting FAB events and everything else I cram into life, it’s hard to believe I’ve only been back a few weeks. Already, I’m planning into the summer, looking to the future, figuring out the upcoming months of my life. It’s nice to feel the sense of control that such planning brings, and yet… and yet it also illustrates how long the road ahead will be.

But knowing Fontbonne, how I imagine the road ahead will be nothing like how I remember the road behind me, once I’ve traveled it. I might know what classes I’ll take already, but I’ll end up remembering more about the moments I share with my friends here on late-night runs to Ted Drewes’ or spontaneous nights of hide-and-go-seek around campus. And I’m excited for that. So maybe we’re not moving so fast, after all. And maybe that’s okay, because it’s the white space in between the lines for plan of my life where I’ll make the memories and have the fun.

See you in between the lines.

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