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I cannot believe that it is March 9 already. I can’t believe that it is Mid-semester! Okay, I really can’t believe all that has happened over the past 8 weeks…

In athletics, I’ve gone from a burnt-out  indoor track disident in January to an angry, coachless runner in February. Now in March, I am an injured outdoor track runner who has never been more in love with her team and her sport, with one re-instated coach and an awesome new assistant coach/team chiropractor.

In school, I’ve gone from a Communications student with lots of field experience, but little coursework to being a project-swamped Public  Relations zombie. And I love it! I’m finally being taught the walk, talk and swagger of the field I want to work in the rest of my life.

On the newspaper, I’ve started overhauling the look of the paper, as well as the organization of the staff. The Fontbanner is looking to improve its readership and credibility to campus, and as editor, I think I’m spearheading that campaign. I’m so excited to be part of such major changes and bringing together different departments to start  work.

Student Government Assocation elections are coming up! We’re going to try online voting for the first time, since we’ve had horrible voter turnout in the past. Our election kick-of event will be a screening of Sherlock Holmes in the Medaille meadow the first week in April, and it is going to be so neat! Shameless plug: many executive board positions are going to be open, so current student leaders, join in the fun for next year!

As midsemester comes and goes, as does my stress, because next week is Spring Break! Horray!

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