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What kinds of birds flock together?

by Alumni Posts on March 3, 2010

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My wife and I had brunch with a good friend of mine and his girlfriend today.  It was nice.  I got today’s joke from him.  Eating with friends is great.  I love food.  Just the other night, a few girls from school made Chinese food with some of the international students from China to celebrate the New Year.  It was very…community (another awesome aspect of a small school).  For the culturally inquisitive, Chinese new year falls on the Gergorian February 14th.  They had make-your-own spring rolls (rice paper is interesting to work with), potstickers (dumplings), this awesome ginger candy, and some other stuff.   This is the year of the tiger.  They also had a list of the Chinese zodiac so you could read about your year and see how much your personality matched.  I was born during the year of the tiger (fire tiger, actually), so I show bravery, competitiveness, and unpredictability.

You should look up your Chinese animal.  It’s fun.  You should also eat food with friends.  Going out is fun.  Cooking with them is more fun.

So, what kind of birds flock together? Velcros.

Remember, I’m pulling for you.  We’re all in this together.

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