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two great professors

by Alumni Posts on March 12, 2010

in Academics

I have been asked who my favorite teacher is a few times since i have been at Fontbonne, right away two people come to mind.  Sister Rita and Randy Rosenberg.  I had Sister Rita for an 8 am education class and I was greeted every morning with a big smile.  Sister Rita is one of the nicest, most understanding people I have ever met.  She is someone I know I can go talk to even though she is not my teacher anymore.  I really enjoy stopping by her office just to say hello.  Dr. Rosenberg taught me religion.  I was not looking forward to religion class because I have gone to a Catholic school my entire life.  It was just an intro class so I figured it would just be a review for me.  Dr. Rosenberg made that class so much fun and he was very knowledgeable about the topics he covered.  I also enjoy stopping by his office to see how he is doing.  If I have to take an elective I will definitely take a course with him.

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