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A Breath of Fresh Spring [Break] Air!

by Alumni Posts on March 12, 2010

in Athletics,Extracurricular

Nine weeks into the semester and just about everyone I know—myself included, of course—is starting to feel frayed and worn out. This winter has been just a little too long with one too many cloudy days and way too many freezing nights. I can’t personally complain about classes, since everything is going fairly well right now, but in spite of that I still ache to get out and take a break. It’s been nine straight weeks at the grindstone without any kind of breather! Fortunately, Spring Break has arrived.

I’ll be here at Fontbonne for both weekends of Spring Break in order to play in tennis matches. Since I live in New York, I can’t just go home, so I’ll be in the dorms for an extra few days so I can get down to Shaw Park and join the Tennis team in four different matches. However, early Monday morning, I’ll be crawling out of bed earlier than I ever have this semester so I can catch the metro to Lambert International Airport, where I’ll be flying down to—wait for it!—West Palm Beach, Florida. How awesome! I’m really excited to get some sun and stop being so absolutely pale, haha! My grandparents on my dad’s side have a condo that overlooks the ocean, so I’ll be staying with them. I’m meeting my parents and my sister there, too, which is exciting since I haven’t seen my immediately family since winter break.

I don’t know exactly my week in Florida will entail, but I can imagine a few things! First, there’s this restaurant called “Conchy Joe’s,” which serves THE BEST conch chowder. It’s usually a more-than-one-serving ordeal, it’s so good! Then, of course, I’m hoping to get out on the beach and dig my toes into the sand and swim in the ocean. I just hope there aren’t any jellyfish this time around—my last run-in with them was less than pleasant. Relaxing will be a huge plus on this trip, too. I’ll be laying around for a bit with a good book, to be sure, trying to unwind. Oh… just writing about it makes me wish I was already there!

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