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New Year, New Adventures…

by Alumni Posts on February 9, 2010

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The New Year is definitely bringing on some new adventures.

This is my second semester here at Fontbonne, and it’s only getting better.  I’m a transfer student from a larger university, and I’m wondering why I didn’t find the appeal of smaller Fontbonne earlier in my college career. I love being able to go to class, knowing exactly who will be teaching it, and at least one other person taking the course with me. There are just as many opportunities, if not more, from attending Fontbonne as opposed to something much larger.

With Fashion Merchandising as one of my majors here at Fontbonne (the other being Communication), I have many, many opportunities available.  Not even mentioning the great faculty, there are amazing real life experiences offered.  Trips to Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago, and New York City are all offered to Fashion Merchandising students each year.  Last fall, I went to Kansas City for Fashion Group International’s annual Career Day.  This spring, I’m taking advantage of the WIM Conference in Chicago, as well as the New York City industry tour. I’m quickly turning into a savvy world-traveler! (Or so I’d like to believe.) Aside from the fact I’m terrified of airplanes and have never been on one, (until this March!) I couldn’t be more excited for this semester.

This weekend I will be attending the WIM Conference in Chicago, which is for students in the field of Human Environmental Sciences (Fashion Merchandising, dietetics, family & consumer sciences…). This will be an amazing opportunity to meet professionals in our field and to network with other students in the Midwest with the same interests and aspirations as us! What could be better?

…New York City. In early March, I’m taking part in a class offered to everyone at Fontbonne that focuses on an industry tour to NYC. We will be there for almost an entire week! I’m from a small town, and to me, St. Louis is pretty big. I’m fully prepared to be overwhelmed by the sheer massiveness of New York City and all it has to offer.

It’s safe to say my semester is pretty full, with 17 credit hours and trips and Fontbonne activities. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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