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Smooth sailing? Sounds great!

by Alumni Posts on February 2, 2010

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Year two, round two. Ready? Go!

Actually, I shouldn’t say that. Making the second semester of my sophomore year sound that intense is terribly misleading!

Allow me to explain. When I came to Fontbonne, I was well aware that my major—Advertising, which would soon be joined by a second major in Applied Sociology—would require an internship (or two) my senior year. I wanted to make sure that I could pour all my available energies into that internship! After all, the advertising industry is a tough field to enter and so opportunities like internships are invaluable! Well, to make myself more available for internships senior year, I realized I’d need to be taking as few classes as possible. But to take as few classes as possible then, I would have to sign up for a LOT of classes now.

So, I came in with 9 or 12 credits or so, and loaded up in Spring and Fall ’09 taking 19 and 18 hours, respectively. It was tough, but manageable. After fighting my way through those semesters, I have come out on the other side: this semester, I’m taking a measly 15 hours! It’s definitely a big change, especially because my schedule gives me Mondays and Fridays off!

So, what am I looking forward to this semester? Easy: enjoying 4-day weekends! My classes are starting to get harder, bit by bit, now that most all of my gen eds are out of the way, but with 4 days to recover and do homework, I’m feeling pretty good about this semester!

It’s definitely going to be a long semester, though! There’s a lot ahead: FAB events, Tennis season, and general Fontbonne living. But unlike last semester, where I was stuck in my room, studying endlessly, this semester I’ll really be able to seize the day for all Fontbonne can offer. It’s definitely something to look forward to, for sure!

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