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Reflections from an FBU Computer Lab.

by Alumni Posts on February 16, 2010

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Almost a full month into the semester, and things are going really well.  As usual, I’m crazy-busy, but that’s how I tend to prefer it, and this semester in particular, the things I’m busy with really appeal to me.  I’m taking only one general education class this semester — (still making up for not taking them as a freshman), — but it’s full of friendly people, and the professor almost makes biology bearable, (which is impressive since it’s not my cup of tea.)  The rest of my classes are completely in keeping with my university major in Creative Social Change, so I’m enjoying them a lot.  And then — as always — there are the activities.

There are three Big Things for me this semester.  The first has to do with FISH (a.k.a. Fontbonne in Service and Humility), which is our school service organization.  I’m the Local Service Chair this term, which basically means I coordinate monthly community service events.  Last semester we put together a toiletry drive for a local family and attended a dance with Project Ark (a local organization that serves the developmentally disabled.)  This semester, we’re trying to link some social justice education in with the actual service, which should really take it to the next level.  Our first event has to do with looking at the tragedy in Haiti on the macro-level, as well as putting it in a bit of historical context.  I’m really excited about this series, but it’s also a lot of work.

Same is true of the other two big tasks I’m involved with this semester — one for Straights and Gays for Equality (SAGE), and one for Fontbonne’s literary magazine, Chiasma.   I’ve been president of SAGE for a few years now, and this year I’m “co-prez,” — essentially because we’re preparing for a transition in leadership.  (I graduate in December, and we want the group to keep thriving after I’m gone, so we’re starting early.)  We’re doing a lot with SAGE this semester, including screening more films (with discussions), and potentially bringing in a local theater group that works with LGBT issues.  The event I’m working most closely with, however, is Fontbonne’s inaugural Safe Zone training.  Safe Zone is a program many universities and colleges use to train faculty, staff, and students in how to be good LGBT allies.  We have so many people at our school who are supportive of the LGBT community, but are unsure how to best show that support.  So, we’ve decided to begin teaching them.  It’s always exciting when SAGE has an opportunity to create some lasting change in the campus culture, and I really think this event has potential to do just that.  Exciting times.

Last (but hardly least), I have to find some spare time in the course of taking classes and attending meetings to help solicit (and eventually review) submissions for our campus literary magazine, Chiasma.  This is my fourth year being involved with Chiasma (which — if you were wondering — means “intersection”) — and my second as co-editor.  This year’s issue is especially important to all of us, as it’s dedicated to the former sponsor, Rose Shapiro, who passed away last semester.  We all still really miss Rose, and we want to honor her well — even in this small way.

Anyway, that’s a portion of what I have going on (so far) this semester.  Better get back at it, as there’s plenty of work left to do!

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