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What do you call a lazy, baby kangaroo?

by Alumni Posts on February 9, 2010

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The title has absolutley nothing to do with my post.  Well, it’s my junior year.  It’s been a long haul, but there is light at the end of the tunnel… I just hope it’s not a train.

It’s gonna be a busy semester.  That’s what I like about going to a small school.  It’s easy to be inolved and get real life, hands on experience.  I’m a theatre ed major, so I get to do awesome performing art stuff.  I’m currently stage managing the show Fires in the Mirror (produced by our resident professional company Mustard Seed Theatre), next I’m in the student show Fortinbras (a comical look at the aftermath of Hamlet), then it’s MST’s Tartuffe, and finally A Night at the Improv (an improv performance done by the improv class) and The Worker.

I’m excited.  You should be too.  You know what else?  You should make plans to come see all of the shows.  It’s really sad, but often I’ll do PR in a class, announce an upcoming show, and five or six head will turn and say, “There’s a theatre at Fontbonne?”

You know what?…there is…and it’s pretty frickin’ sweet.

Oh, a lazy baby kangaroo is called a pouch potato.  ha. ha. ha.

Grace and Peace,


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