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Eek! 100 days until my Senior Year.

by Alumni Posts on January 28, 2010

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A new semester, a new laptop, and a new century, and I am blogging again. Today, I am officially 100 days from the end of my junior year, which means I am only 100 measly days away from being three-fourths of the way done with my college career. I am scared to death.

College had been a safe-haven for me. Fontbonne has given me innumerable, amazing opportunities to experience all parts of the college experience. From a position on student government to editing for the newspaper to being on a committee to hire one of the upper administrators to running in track and cross country meets all over the Midwest to working in Fontbonne’s Communication department to simply living in the dorms for two years, I cannot even attempt to sum up all that I’ve experienced in only three years in a single blog (though I did attempt in one sentence.) I’m nervous for the end of my junior year, as it means that my focus will not longer be on living life in college, but rather on how I will live my life outside of college.

Over Christmas break, I asked my mom if I could just stay in college for the rest of my life, and she told me, “Unless you’re going to be a brain surgeon, staying in college forever is a little frowned on. You have to grow up sometime.” Disheartened, I realized there are some tricky ways to stay in college forever. I know I will go to graduate school one day, and though I’m a Communication major ( and love it!), studying Higher Education stirs my interest. I would love to work in student affairs or admissions or, heck, maybe I’ll even teach Communication courses.

One way or another, I’m sure fate will bring me back to the college scene in my future, and hopefully that college scene could be at Fontbonne. Though we get a little overlooked with mega-giant, heavily endowed Wash U next-door, even the simple mention of the word Fontbonne makes my heart swell with pride. I am part of a school that is really taking on change, a university that is living their mission of diversity and serving a world in need. In a society full of false promises of social justice and equality, Fontbonne, my school, is acting towards making those promises a reality for themselves and their surrounding community.

If you aren’t proud of the things you have a stake in, what else have you got in life? I love my small, liberal arts college. And thats that.

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