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Fontbonne University

MiRita- Made the Right Decision

by Fontbonne University on October 5, 2009

in New & Future Students

When I graduated high school in 2005, I decided to take a semester off before going to college for miritapersonal reasons. After many people thought I wouldn’t go to school, I decided to go to Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Mo in the spring. I traveled there by greyhound, not having visited even previously visited the campus. But something just felt right when I talked to my advisors and financial aide assistants over the phone, so all systems were go.

My first semester there was great. I  was even hired on campus as a overnight desk clerk in the housing office thanks to recommendations from other faculty members that new me. But something was missing. The classes were huge and the teachers never called you by name. People were divided into clicks. Being that I was a St. Louisan they( the Kansas City dwellers) automatically assumed things about me that weren’t true. If only they had taken a chance to get to know me, they would know that they were not true  I shook off my insecurity as being homesick, but it couldn’t have been that, since I went home to Saint Louis twice a month. It was the bonding factor. The professors had a wall that I could not penetrate; the students were prisoners and they were the wardens. I couldn’t come talk to them as human beings so I decided after a year it was time to move on.

I applied for Fontbonne and was immediately accepted (again never visiting the campus). My first semester was great: the teachers new my name and even recognized when I didn’t come to class… which was not that often. Even after having to drop a class because of financial aid reasons the teacher whose class I dropped still remembered my name a year later!!! I was amazed!!!! Fontbonne is like a place and I feel so at home here. The professors look out for their students. That let me know I made the right decision transferring here.

If anyone wants a place where they can feel like they can open up to the professors, joke around in class and know what it really means to be connected to a university I would advise them to go to Fontbonne. It changed what I thought a university would be, should be and could be.

Apply today, and check out the upcoming open house just for transferring students!

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