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Fontbonne University

Mike- Reflection on Naturalization & Ded. Semester

by Fontbonne University on October 26, 2009

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fontbonne mikeI believe that the current dedicated semester on the Immigrant Experience has been very interesting thus far.  I have only attended two of the events right now, but these two events were enlightening.  The first event I attended was the panel discussion on the meaning of immigration.  Several faculty members discussed their views and beliefs about immigration and shared some of their personal stories about their heritage.  It was fascinating to hear the different perspectives on what the definitions of immigration and immigrant truly are.  Some believe that slaves and forced laborers should be considered immigrants, while others believe the contrary.  In addition, some believe in conforming to a new country’s culture, while others believe in retaining the ideals of the native country.

The second event I attended was the naturalization ceremony.  Several immigrants from five continents were all represented and became United States citizens.  Doctor Golden was the guest speaker of the ceremony and shared insightful remarks about our freedoms and duties as citizens in this indivisible nation in which we live.  Our freedom was bought at a price by many soldiers who have defended our great nation.  He also spoke of valuing his U.S. citizenship when traveling to countries, including Italy, Japan, China, Israel, and Palestine.  The ceremony not only enhanced my pride in being a citizen of the United States but also my pride in others becoming citizens and having the desire to live here.  Overall, it was a powerful ceremony and I was glad to be present.

Personally, I think that a university undertaking one idea for a semester, such as a dedicated semester, is wonderful for students and faculty.  A single idea or theme enlightens all of us and helps us to analyze important aspects of life.  It unites students and faculty and leads to critical thinking and discussion about vital topics.  Ideas such as the millenium goals and immigration shed light upon the problems in the world and what solutions we have to offer.  Immigration is an idea that brings many people into conflict.  This dedicated semester helps us all to reflect on the meaning, process, and importance of immigration and what we can do to better understand and assist immigrants in their transition.  The dedicated semesters I have been a part of here at Fontbonne have opened my eyes and my mind to look for and reflect upon relevant issues.

The Dedicated Semester Events are taking over campus! Make sure to check one out soon!

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