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Fontbonne University

Mary Alice- Watching the Start of American Lives

by Fontbonne University on October 26, 2009

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On Friday October 9, I attended the Naturalization Ceremony. Over 75 people were becoming citizens fontbonnemaryalicein Fontbonne’s gym. That was pretty cool, I thought. It was a very short ceremony. I was expecting the ceremony to last at least two hours but it ended up being right under an hour. There were opening comments, Dr. Golden spoke, and then there was a motion made. The judge granted the motion and then she went over the duties and rights that everyone now has as an American citizen. The Pledge of Allegiance was said and the National Anthem was sung. The just recessed and then names were called to come and get their certificates saying they were now citizens of the United States of America. I am very glad that I went to this ceremony because I am not sure if I will ever have the chance to go again. It was a very interesting ceremony and I was glad I could partake in the ceremony and see these people starting their new lives as American citizens.

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