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Fontbonne University

Andrew- Totally Beyond the Scope of Classes

by Fontbonne University on October 26, 2009

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fontbonne andrewWhen I was an incoming freshman, so many years ago—and by that, I mean last year—Fontbonne was in its second year of the Dedicated Semester, in which the entire campus takes a focus on a particular issue for the duration of the fall semester. To my understanding, the first Dedicated Semester was about the Jewish population, in St. Louis, America, and around the world; last year’s Dedicated Semester was about the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nation’s 8 goals for world improvement. This year, meanwhile, has set its focus on the Immigrant Experience, looking at the lives of those who have come to America to call it their home.
As a freshman, I was heavily incorporated into the 2008 Dedicated Semester on the UN Millennium Development Goals. I attended almost every single event and felt very much incorporated into the program. My inclusion began with our summer reading, for which Fontbonne sent us—us being all the incoming freshmen—a book about the Lost Boys of Sudan and their struggles. During freshmen orientation week, we discussed that book, beginning our experience with the Dedicated Semester.
As a sophomore, I—and the rest of my classmates, by and large—missed out on that initial experience. Frankly, I didn’t and still don’t feel like I’m missing much. While the Immigrant Experience is a positively fascinating subject and extremely significant when it comes to understanding the changing face of America, I just haven’t been motivated to get involved what with all my other classes already going on. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed the Dedicated Semester experience. But as of now, Fontbonne has it mostly set up as a kind shared experience for the incoming freshman class. I am not part of that class, and so this is not my time to be involved.
I fully support Fontbonne’s continuation of the Dedicated Semester. It sets the stage for students’ college experience. To me, it really brought out the meaning of “Learn More, Be More”, Fontbonne’s [perhaps over-cited but still appreciable] motto. Thanks to the global focus the Dedicated Semester took in 2008, I was able to learn about something totally beyond the scope of my classes. It broadened my horizons as a student, forcing me to keep in mind that there was a world beyond my world, and no matter how much I might feel trapped by books, papers, and exams, that world beyond would always be there and I could always still do my part. I only hope that the freshman going through the 2009 Dedicated Semester walk away with those same sentiments—I hope they benefit from this and come to appreciate it the way I did.

Learn more on the current Dedicated Semester on Immigrant Experiences at the Fontbonne Homepage!

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